SickNWell understands the frustrations of physicians and medical providers with unfair denial of care to patients as well as reduced reimbursements for provided services. We believe that if we eliminate the 3rd party, we can offer services to our patients at a much lower rate and still manage to be above water.

Here’s how it works

SickNWell negotiates a discounted rate with you; for your services, on behalf of our members. These negotiated rates are typically at a 20% discount off the updated Medicare listed rates. The SickNWell member comes to you the provider as a cash patient ONLY and must pay for your services prior to any service being provided. We believe that by eliminating payment verifications, pre-authorizations, billing, the need for claims processing, the worry of possible collections and putting cash directly in your hand at the time of service and no longer having to wait 90 days to receive payment from insurance companies- you will be able to reduce your overhead cost significantly.

SickNWell will add all “IN NETWORK” providers to our website as they will receive indirect advertising as well as receive “Spot Light” rotation within the websites business pages

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